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Exit 51

by Harris, Ben

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supply

Product Description

Have a spectator select and sign a card. Next, put the card back into the deck. Shuffle the deck, and finally, with the wave of a hand... The deck disappears, and what is left is the one chosen and signed card!

Effect includes large 8 1/2" x 11" booklet with complete and illustrated instructions plus specillay printed gimmicks to use for Exit51 and instructions on how to make more!

Available from your favorite magic dealer.
Date Added: Aug 6th, 2006


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Official Review

January 24th, 2004 8:19pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
The genesis of Exit 51 (as stated in the manuscript) is Paul Harris' The Vanishing Deck. I performed Paul's original version for a year or so as an opener in my restaurant work. I've also worked with various deck vanishes that don’t rely on a feke*.

There is one common thread among all of the deck vanishes I've used: they rely on being able to keep the heat off of the "moment" and/or the feke, when one is used. This version tries to do exactly the opposite: put all focus on the feke until the moment of the vanish.

This is a wonderful goal, but I'm not convinced this feke does the trick (no pun intended).

I must be honest in saying that I haven't had the guts to perform this. This, in itself, should be a message to all who read this review. We at MyLovelyAssistant are trying to keep you from spending money on products that you won't use. Think of it this way: if I have the balls to do a vanishing deck that requires exact timing, blocking and direction but... [Read More]

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