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Premium Blend Volume 1 Totally Mental (VHS)

by Dan Harlan

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: L&L Publishing

Product Description


PHOTO FINISH -- A bunch of photos cut into quarters are mixed and four pieces randomly chosen. These pieces form a complete picture.
NATURAL SELECTION -- The magician controls the spectator's will to select the odd card among a group.
MAGIC SPELL -- Alphabet cards are mixed and five are chosen, but the word MAGIC comes up each time it is tried.
HARLAN HOOKUP -- The magician makes a spoon move with his mind, then demonstrates that he is creating an energy field between his hands which can easily be felt by anyone.
UNDER COVERS -- Writing appears inside a previously empty matchbook.
DESTINATION UNKNOWN -- Coins from various countries are hidden under cards and a small toy airplane is placed onto the card a spectator chooses. The cards are turned over and letters upon each spell out the country which matches the coin chosen.
MIXED EMOTIONS -- Poker chips bearing icons of emotion are stacked by a spectator and the magician predicts which emotions will be chosen.
BOTH SIDES AGAINST THE MIDDLE -- A spectator shuffles a deck under the table and reverses one card, placing it back in anywhere. The magician has predicted the reversed card and the card next to it.
CRYPTIC COOKIE -- A fortune is read which appears to have nothing to do with a selected card, but when folded it reveals the name of the selection.

Date Added: Oct 21st, 2003
MLA SKU: nEQ1L304QCd7tG6


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