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Coin Patriot, The

by Reed McClintock

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Category: Close Up
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Despite all the dice, moving tattoos and twisting cards, Reed McClintock's loyalty will forever remain with coins. His Knuckle Buster series embodied Reed's philosophy that magicians shouldn't just do coin tricks, but rather should perform what looks like real coin magic. The elegant and fluid style of the work in Coin Patriot raises the bar even higher still as Reed strives to elevate his coin work to the realm of moving art. If you have ever wanted to handle more than four coins (say, up to twenty), then this is the DVD for you. Coin Patriot not only shares the work that has earned Reed a reputation as one of magic's most skilled and innovative coin workers, but also reveals his growing mastery in the art coin magic.
Date Added: Oct 15th, 2003
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Official Review

January 24th, 2004 8:24pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
Cool tattoos, man!

It's so nice to see a performer that knows how to work slowly. Reed McClintock's coin magic is beautiful. It is not rushed. He allows time for his audience to appreciate each moment (and there are a lot of them). What a breath of fresh air!

With that said, this DVD needs a disclaimer. If you know Reed's work, that's enough of a disclaimer, but if you don't you'll probably get in over your head. This is for advanced coin workers only! Let me put it this way: if you can't classic palm seven half dollars in each hand and allow two to fall together and soundlessly to your fingertips, stick with Bobo for a few more years.

In terms of moves, there's not much new here, but that's not the point of this video. McClintock has other, more important things to teach. For instance, he relies heavily on subtleties (Ramsey, Malini, etc.). This allows him a very open handling of the coins even when he's got nearly a dozen palmed!

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