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Meteor Paddle

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

The magician displays a small black paddle with a clear handle. Covering one end of the paddle are three removable leather sleeves, each with a single yellow dot in its center. Somehow, as the sleeves are openly removed and replaced on the paddle, the yellow dots magically appear and disappear, jumping onto the paddle and off again! In the final part of the three-phase routine, all three dots magically leap from the paddle to one sleeve, gathering in a cluster.
The handling is so clean that your audience won't be able to tell which is dancing more-the dots or their eyes! Easy to perform, the Meteor Paddle takes the paddle effect to a new dimension
Comes complete with the paddle, sleeves and detailed instructions
Date Added: Jul 23rd, 2003


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Official Review

October 9th, 2003 11:50am
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
This is a difficult trick to review. While the trick itself is good, or should I say the trick on which this version is based is good, that which you are buying leaves quite a bit to be desired.

The trick itself goes back at least to Ian Adair's Paddle Waddle. At least, I believe that's what it was called. There were at least two other versions in the interim, most notably one by the legendary paddle maker Eddy Teytelbaum.

What we are given in the Meteor Paddle is a slightly less well thought out version of the other works. Also, the quality is grossly inferior.

For your money, you receive a black plastic paddle (Lucite perhaps) that might be described as a craftsman's nightmare. The scoring marks on the edges of the paddle are hideous, and the joint with the handle is crude at best.

The "leather" sleeves are nice, but not necessary. The originals used sleeves of other materials which worked just as nicely, if not better. The Meteor paddle sleeves are lined with felt... [Read More]

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