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Kopy Kat

by Earle, Lee & Larry Becker

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Lee Earle's and Larry Becker's Kopy Kat is the most reliable, sure-fire device of it's type ever created. In plain sight, without tossing it in a briefcase, viewing it at an odd angle, or ducking under a table, the Kat does it all, with no suspicious moves!
Custom-designed and manufactured to meet Lee's and Larry's exacting specifications, this versatile prop is superbly fashioned in black suede vinyl with gold screened trim, sealing the secret technology completely inside
Use it throughout your show because when you hand it to anyone, this Kat is totally innocent. There's nothing for anyone to see before or after you've knocked 'em out!
Each Kopy Kat device includes complete instructions for several exciting routines from the collaborative genius of Larry Becker and Lee Earle.

* Nothing is added or taken away
* No sleights
* No electronics
* No phoney moves
* No peek holes
* No messy chemicals
* No flaps
* No sliding panels
* No moving parts
* No assistants
* No stooges
* No secret compartments
* No carbons
* No mirrors or shiners
Date Added: Oct 17th, 2003


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September 29th, 2003 9:59pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
You might think that $175 is a lot of money for a trick and your right but this is no ordinary trick! Read the Description again. This is one Description that is 100% right!

I have yet to use it 'live' but I've been playing around with it since I got it & I love it. You of course could buy an electronic version of this trick for 200 times the price but personally I feel that this version has a big advantage as people can be right next to you when you are doing the trick. There are no screens etc to hide. Plus you can hand the item out straight away as no one will find anything because there is nothing to find. Plus you can repeat the trick again and again as it resets instantly!

Wonderful effect.
January 4th, 2010 12:48pm
Reviewed by Mr.Sparkes
Product seems to have a shelf life! My stopped working a few months after acquiring and I've had a Dickens of a time trying to get it work again as the gimmick inside the pens fails over time (I've not been able to repair or replace). I feel I really wasted $200. Also, when it did work I had to make sure to limit it's application to one word from one spectator as Kopy Kat is very poor at handling any kind of small detail.
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