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Spectator's Don't Exist (VHS)

by Allen, Jon

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Category: Philosophy
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)

Product Description

If you want to learn how to get people involved in your routines and create better reactions, this video is for you. This valuable information comes from the experience of thousands of professional performances. Learn how to approach a table, deal with interruptions, make routines more "viewer friendly," and involve the whole group. Plus learn six powerful routines: GHOST -- A stunning 3-phase routine in which a borrowed bill is isolated within a wineglass but still becomes animated -- even with someone else holding the glass. Coins Across -- Discover Jon's full routine and presentation of this classic effect. THE RUBBER BAND TRILOGY -- featuring The Jerk, The Third Man and The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. AMBITIOUS CARD AND THE DESTINATION BOX -- Jon's Ambitious Card routine is direct, strong, full of audience participation and practical. The Destination Box is a revolutionary version of the classic Card to Box. Many top professionals have acclaimed this as the benchmark version of this classic effect. THOUGHT OF CARD IN ENVELOPE -- A thought of card appears in a signed, sealed window envelope in plain view throughout. FREDDY'S DEAD -- Jon's ingenious work on the classic Professor's Nightmare including a new remarkable false count and a finish that allows someone else to hold onto the ropes as they change length!
Date Added: Apr 8th, 2003


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