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Open Traveller

by David Acer

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: David Acer

Product Description

In fall of 2002, David Acer embarked on a multi-city tour, beginning in Edmonton, Alberta, where he and magician/comedian Rick Bronson consulted and performed at the Edmonton Oilers home opener. Open Traveller begins three days before the game, and takes you on the road with one of magic’s most unique personalities as he creates, performs and teaches original, off-the-wall tricks with cards, coins, candies, balls, matchbooks, bottles and more.

You'll also see the hilarious interludes, incidents, accidents, cameos and clips from various TV shows along the way! Learn...

* ShadeShifter: An eye-popping, color-changing signed selection that will blow your mind!
* Fresh Mint: Mint a piece of foil into a coin at your fingertips!
* Coke Induced: A bottle of Coca Cola changes instantly into a bottle of beer!
* The Montreal Transpo: An ingenious two-card transposition from the minds of David and Jay Sankey!
* Unflappable: A jaw-dropping torn-and-restored matchbook that’s both motivated and magical!
* Mitosis: Unfailingly predict a cell-phone number during walkaround work, at someone’s home, or on stage!
* Plus Shift Happens, Repeat Offender, Mindjob, The Twirl Double, Rick Bronson’s Spinner, The Drier Trick, High Invisibility, and more!

15 astonishing tricks for stage and close-up, all presented in the engaging, entertaining way for which David has become known!

Approximate Running Time: 82 Minutes
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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March 8th, 2003 12:16pm
Reviewed by Jon Raiker
David Acer had been called a genius of close-up magic. After watching this video you will surely agree.

I received the video and eagerly opened it. As usual, the packaging in which it came in was put together beautifully. I believe it was of Richard Sanders' design so I thank him for creating an outstanding cover.

From the description of the video, you can see that it was taped during a road trip that David took in the Fall of 2002. The video begins three days before the Oiler's home opener in Edmonton, Alberta, where he and Rick Bronson were scheduled to perform.

There are really too many effects on the video to explain in detail, so I will tell you just a sampling of my favorites.

"Mitosis" is an effect in which two different spectators are asked to each write down a completely random number. Nobody is allowed to look at the numbers except for the person(s) writing them. Next, a third spectator is asked to add the numbers together, getting a total. He or she then dials... [Read More]

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