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Gloved Magician (VHS), The

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Category: Philosophy
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: Wonder Wizards

Product Description

This rare video secretly made the rounds in certain inner ranks of magic and mentalism. It first appeared around the time that the “Masked Magician” hit the television. The video was intended to be insightful and humorous. Professionals and serious magicians “get it”, while those who think magic is all about tricks are a little befuddled. There is not one trick or theory on this tape. There are however many odd mentions such as “Voiceover for this video: NOT Kenton”. J. Tank and Kenton say they feel the whole charade is worth the last few lines on the video. Stay perplexed until then.

It isn’t the gloved wonder you might expect or the masked magicians you know either. But inside jokes about these and more, mixed with thought provoking pokes at magic, can be found here. More will be seen each viewing.

There is nothing too much to “learn” except how to laugh at our craft and us. Well, there are those last few closing comments. We’d love to tell you what some other “names” have said privately about this, because then you would buy it. Suffice to say this is a short video that became an inside gag. Now all our friends can get their hands on it and laugh along.

A quick blast of fresh air to watch in between your other magic videos.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: oRui4Y1XkdNms4a


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