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Deep Astonishment

by Harris, Paul

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Categories: Close Up, Mentalism
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Yendor's World of Magic

Product Description

A spectator cuts a deck of cards at a random spot and remembers the card they cut to. Their card is covered with your wallet to keep it safe.

You then ask the spectator to "dig deep into her mind for a personal magic word." She has a free choice of almost any word she can think of! Let's say the spectator chooses "rose." The spectator's magic word is then used to find the mate of her freely selected card. Impressive on it's own, but what's inside the wallet?

You open the wallet which has been on the table since the start and remove a small packet of cards from the inner pocket. The backs of these cards are a different color than the deck being used. Slowly and cleanly you deal the cards from the wallet onto the table face down. On the back of the first card is drawn a large "R", the next card has an "O", the next "S" and the last card an "E"...spelling out the spectator's freely selected magic word!

* No Sleight-of-Hand!
* No Pre-Show Work
* No Nail Writers
* No Stooges
* Resets in Seconds

Comes complete with special Bicycle deck of cards, wallet and detailed, fully-illustrated instructions.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: 47C1xl5IVQk5AjQ


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December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by marino13
I love this trick, It has a lot of potential to be one of my all time favorites. If presented right, this is going to be a knock' em dead kinda trick! It doesn't take no time to learn and to fool people. To see the look on their faces when their word comes up is priceless...........GET IT!!!!!!!
December 31st, 2002 4:50pm
Reviewed by Dick Anderson
Deep Astonishment is a well thought out trick. I personally like a trick that has two levels of a finale, like this one. The first level or first finale, is fairly strong in itself and typically brings a good reaction from the spectator(s). The second level however, is a killer. You spell out the name of their "magic" word with cards that have different color backs than the deck you are using. The spelled "magic" word is FREELY chosen by the spectator. It could be their childhood pet, mother's middle name, ANYTHING. Very strong.

The wallet that comes with the trick, in my opinion, is cheap and distracts from the overall illusion a bit. I purchased a wallet from Paul Harris' web site that is a leather wallet that you can make look like your personal wallet that takes any suspicion away from the wallet. I recommend it. This is a trick that is easy to learn and perform and with good presentation skills, it is very, very efective. I have folks come back to me weeks after I have shown... [Read More]
January 8th, 2004 10:45am
Reviewed by Roger Way
Deep Astonishment is one of my favorite table top packet routines. The routine that comes with the packet is well thought out and is easily modified to fit your stage persona. The inclusion of standard Bicycle cards is appreciated. The one-two punch of this presentation garners the "Shock-Pause-Applause" response that every serious performer craves. I deducted a half star for the surprisingly low quality of the vinyl wallet enclosed with the illusion...but was able to adapt a leather wallet from my local magic shop which I now use throughout my table top presentations. Personally, I find it easier to be seated at a table to perform this definitely doesn't fit with my personal walk-around or restaurant styles. If you're not willing to practice or you can't control your angles and flashes then this one's not for you. But if you want a surefire hit with a little effort and attention take this one home.
June 4th, 2003 1:20pm
Reviewed by Mage10
I got this trick over the internet and if I had seen a performance of it, I would not of gotten it. The effect is strong, dont get me wrong, but there is a lot of fishing and useless patter to come to the chosen word to be revealed. The first "fake" trick you do to divert attention away from their word is weak and out of place. I have gotten good reactions with it but i feel it isnt a joy to perform at all...
August 30th, 2004 2:07pm
Reviewed by HouseOfMagic
A good friend Sean Taylor originally told me that this effect was just awesome.. I would have to say that the Wallet received is quite poor quality, something which would not last too long in the sun. I have simply made this effect and concept more AWESOME! I have placed aside the joker concept and simply asked a spectator to think of a four letter word that has importance to them at this time in their life. I don't ask for it, i tell them of it, letting them know i already know it.... They name the selection and then i do the appropriate fish work. I give the spectator a small psychic reading with the cards on the table that are appropriate for the effect. I tell the person "my words are glim glam" so let me make this clearer. Carefully i reveal the selected word from inside the wallet. I perform all sorts of Magic, this is my strongest effect to date... it frys the heck out of people. Its not cheap, but well worth it for the response. I like 'Wow' Magic that is different and packs a... [Read More]
April 3rd, 2012 2:19pm
Reviewed by Sherwood
When I first read the trick description on an online magic retailers site, I thought that this effect sounded great and like something I could use in my performances. I was right. It is great and I use it all the time. The problems that I had with it was the poor quality of the plastic wallet that came with it. I remedied this by having a local leather worker make me a new one out of a fine soft leather. The joker cards make sense but the suggestion given on how to utilize them was a bit corny. But all in all this effect never fails at getting a fantastic response from my spectators. I really like this one.

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