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Bill Malone On the Loose Video, Volume 4 (VHS)

by Bill Malone

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: L&L Publishing

Product Description

Twisted Flush A Marlo twisting routine with a surprise ending!
How Cheaters Cheat Bill’s audience-tested Invisible Palm routine, which he has been performing for over 20 years!
Radical Aces An extremely visual Ace production from a deck first shuffled by a spectator.
Resetting Reset Bill’s version of Paul Harris’ Reset which he performed every night for three years at the famed New York Magic Lounge in Chicago.
Good Trick, Bad Trick A fun way of doing a fan force! Skinner’s Matches For the first time Michael’s entire impromptu match routine which surprises even the most intelligent spectators!
Walk Around Knives Bill’s color-changing knife routine. Perfect for the strolling magician when no tables are available.
Four Burglars A funny version of the Four Burglar trick with a knock-out punch at the end.
Only Had Two A brilliant idea from the legendary Mr. Larry Jennings!
Two Card Impossible Location A Marlo card location with an interesting idea of covering the method!
Bill Malone on the Multiple Selection Bill’s whole routine plus a great new convincing control for the selections!
Date Added: Oct 21st, 2003


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