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Pack Small, Play Big DVD Library, Volumes 1-4

by Harlan, Dan

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Category: General
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: L & L Publishing

Product Description

Would you like to perform a powerful show that's guaranteed to make an unforgettable first impression . . . a show filled with surprise, mystery, fun and enchantment . . . a big show that's fun to watch, and even more fun to perform?

Welcome to Dan Harlan's Pack Small, Play Big. A sensational collection of complete shows featuring the most fascinating magic to ever pop out of a briefcase. Harlan has been performing and teaching magic for over 25 years, and now he's going to teach you how to make a substantial impression with a practical, easy-to-pack, show in a briefcase.

Learn how to deliver a professional show with maximum impact, yet minimum set-up. See the entire show performed by Dan Harlan in front of a live audience, then he opens up his briefcase and teaches you step-by-step how everything is done. Harlan explains how to organize a show, why particular effects are chosen, how to make necessary props, where they are placed in the case, handling the props during the show, and what to do with them when you're done.

Once you've learned the magic on these videos, you'll be able to perform an incredible stand-up show anywhere on a moment's notice.

Actual briefcase & props not included.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
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January 4th, 2003 6:23pm
Reviewed by magicmr
This is an awesome set for anyone interested in putting together a workable show that Packs Small and Plays Big. The title says it all and is pretty accurate. The DVD's are well produced although the "extras" not included in the video (picture gallery) was somewhat disappointing to me.

There is a wide variety of magical effects that most anyone can perform and Dan does a good job explaining the workings of each effect. I wish more time was spent on the creation of some of the props though. I had a difficult time with a few of them, particularly the books for the book test in the mental DVD.

Overall, this is well worth the money spent. I feel like this was a great investment with some real workable material. Minimal skill is required for most of the effects. Some are self-working. all provide a high level of entertainment.

Highly recommended!
March 4th, 2003 3:01pm
Reviewed by Kacy LaMonte
Hmmm, While the premise is good, and some of the material is workable, it seems to me to be tossed together to make a video(s). Few magicians have enough material to make as many videos as Dan Harlan, and I while I think he is a good magician, I don't think he should be cobbling so many videos together. He needs to focus on quality, not quantity. The four in this series would make one good video.

I recommend Jim Pace's Visu-antics eye-poping magic - a cheesey name for some really good magic. Also look at Chad Sanborn's Mind Bender - it is only 3 routines, but they are all gold. Both these offer magic that packs light and plays a LOT bigger than Dan Harlan's series. BTW you save quite a bit of money too!

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