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Knockout Coin Magic, Volume 2 (VHS)

by Rubinstein, Michael

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: L & L Publishing

Product Description

These just might be the best coin tapes ever made. These videos have been sought after by magicians for years and L&L Publishing is proud to re-release this series originally produced by Videonics of Canada.

Voodoo Revelation is a happy combination of card and coin magic, with a number of magical surprises. A chosen card is shuffled in the deck and the cards placed aside. Five copper coins are arranged in a row. One is chosen and a white gummed sticker affixed and the spectator places his name or initials on this coin for identification. The coin is now placed, sticker side down, beneath a metal chalice (or cup). Now, the magic starts. The four remaining coins are picked up and turned over, one at a time. Each coin also has a white sticker and each bears the spectator's name or initials. The coins are dropped in the chalice. One at a time, the coins are removed and turned over, the stickers have vanished but a word appears on each coin. The layout of the four coins (plus the original selection from beneath the chalice, from which the sticker has vanished) form a sentence which names the chosen card. Upon looking through the deck, the chosen card is seen to have the missing sticker attached to its face.

Arithmatic Coins is an amusing two coin routine with an old and 'new math' theme.

Kaps Matting Copper/Silver is a neat presentation of Fred Kaps' routine where

four half dollars end up as four Chinese coins.

The Dream - A routine with a purse and four coins plus a story of a dream of entering a competition for the world's greatest magician.

Tax - The performer relates a visit to a store and a purchase in which he has but a half dollar. Price of the article is one dollar so, magically, another half dollar appears. When emphasis is placed on the one dollar price, the two halves change to a silver dollar. When the storekeeper indicates that additional tax is required, the performer clasps both hands and produces a handful of thumb tacks.

Magic Coins is a neat, ungimmicked coin routine that will puzzle knowing wizards who suspect magnetic coins.

Giant Sucker Coin Vanish is an amusing routine with a jumbo coin. There is sucker by-play with 'under-the-arm' hideaway a la egg bag buffoonery of yesteryear. The tape concludes with a description of the Fingerless Retention Pass.

Partial listing of sleights taught on Volume 2 - Ramsey Coin Switch, Rubinstein Coin Turnover, Fingertip Retention Shuttle Pass, One Hand Coin Switch, Sticker Switch, Secret Coin Addition, Revolving Coin Load, R.O.P.S. Click Pass, Double Click Pass, Fantastic Chip Turnover, Matting the Coins, Coin Purse Load, Variation Retention Pass, Fake Purse Takeout, R.O.P.S. Move, Edge Grip, Spier Grip Vanish, R.O.P.S. Double Click Pass, Spellbound Move, Goshman Steal (Blow Change).
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: rMow0OMv0l6cFLS


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