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Knockout Coin Magic, Volume 3 (VHS)

by Rubinstein, Michael

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: L & L Publishing

Product Description

These just might be the best coin tapes ever made. These videos have been sought after by magicians for years and L&L Publishing is proud to re-release this series originally produced by Videonics of Canada.

Mass Hypnosis is an amusing premise for a routine in which three half dollars and three smaller coins change shape, content, and color. The moves are adaptable to other effects for lots of versatility.

The Heckler offers the performer an opportunity to demonstrate what he can do to fool the 'wise guy' or 'heckler' who is determined to explain just 'how it is done.' There are vanishes, appearances and changes during which a bent coin and one with a hole play an important part.

Silverlint II is a copper/silver sequence that starts after a piece of silver lint is plucked from your clothing. A giant half dollar is involved with this brief bit of coin chicanery.

Two Card Reverse Matrix is an unusual matrix effect using two cards from which the centers have been cut, thus making them into window cards. Even though the spectator can see through the cards, the customary matrix routine is presented, with coins vanishing and accumulating. The surprise finish is when suddenly, the four coins are discovered back in their original four corners of the close-up mat.

Giant Four coins Through the Table. Four jumbo coins penetrate the table top one at a time. Beautifully routined - looks impossible.

Karate Coin - A thumb penetration of a half dollar.

Bonus Section - Live performances (no explanations) of: Crazy Coins Across, Case Solved, Dragnet, Quatra Coin Reverse Matrix, Sucker Stand-Up Copper/Silver, Bologna Debut.

Partial listing of sleights taught on Volume 3 - Fantastic Coin Turnover, Variation Retention Pass, Pinky Turnover Move, Purse Switch, Fingertip Coin Load, R.O.P.S. Move, Al Schneider's False Transfer, Thumb Palm Switch, Roth's Imp Pass, Shuttle Pass, Sol Stone's Slap Change, Wave Change, Ken Krenzel's Spellbound Change, Paul Harris' Coin Steal with Card, Giant Coin Lap Vanish.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: 9wrA3Yz6hEjrE0d


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