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Knockout Coin Magic, Volume 1 (VHS)

by Rubinstein, Michael

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: L & L Publishing

Product Description

These just might be the best coin tapes ever made. These videos have been sought after by magicians for years and L&L Publishing is proud to re-release this series originally produced by Videonics of Canada.

Bologna Debut, a gradual production of coins with a surprising ending.

Purse Spellbound concerns a half dollar in a purse viewed by the spectator. With the purse in his hands, the spectator suddenly discovers the half dollar has changed to a Chinese coin.

Twilight Zone is a routine with a Midas touch. Four copper coins turn to gold, one at a time, then magically, return to copper. This trick introduces the Duo-Mat idea to good advantage. A useful device that eliminates pocketing.

The Black Hole. A black disc, slightly larger than a half dollar, is displayed. With the "hole" flat on the table, four coins are apparently tossed in this black space. The black "hole" is picked up and magically changes to a small black box which, when opened, reveals the missing coins. A most effective and amusing routine.

Shuttle Flight. Four half dollars are vanished, one at a time and make a reappearance beneath a playing card. Neat coin handling with easy-to-follow moves, thanks to the close-up camera work and good lighting.

Okito Klinker is an Okito Box routine with a surprising touch that makes this a real winner for any close-up worker. The empty coin box is covered with its lid. A half dollar is tossed toward the covered box and heard to arrive. Two more coins are tossed magically into the box and the spectator hears each coin as it arrives in the box. He removes the lid and believes what he heard, as the three coins are found within. This is a pretty effect and a clever bit of deception.

Partial listing of sleights taught on Volume 1 - Gallo Pitch, Shuttle Pass, Fake Purse Takeout, R.O.P.S. Move, Edge Grip, Spider Vanish, Ramsey Subtlety, Impromptu Touch Change, Variation of the Bobo Switch, Spellbound Change Over Palm, Spellbound Move, Rubinstein Spellbound Change, Variation Retention Pass, Sol Stone Slap Change, Rosenthal Coin Steal, Matting a Coin, Pick Up Load, Lid Load, Roth's Imp Pass
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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