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Cabaret Connivery

by Garrett, Dan

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Category: General
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: Dan Garrett

Product Description

The incredible close-up and stand-up routines from Dan Garrett's working repertoire. This video also includes performance only footage of "Cartoon Card Rise." Includes:
Sphere It - A commercial, concise sponge ball routine for "workers." In the astounding opening segment, a sponge ball magically appears in the magician's empty hands.
Roots - A surprise in your hat, but not from a rabbit
Ultimate Card Revelation - A spectator merely thinks of any card and the magician names it. Dan's strongest hospitality suite routine, which seems like real mind reading.
Brainwave Connection - A spectator turns the tables and reads the magician's mind.
Produce-Tion (The Del Monte Johnson Production) - Comedy mentalism with a mind-blowing surprise.
Pickle Trick - Gherkins (pickled cucumbers) magically multiply in the air, vanishing completely in a hat, then start a family in an unsuspecting spectator's hand.
The Underhanded Overhand Shuffle - One of the finest false shuffles ever invented, extremely useful for stage and stand-up work
The Professor's Daydream - One of the best improvements of Bob Carver's Equal & Unequal Ropes
Plastic Cash 4.2 "The Spindle" - An unpublished improvement to Dan's burned and restored bill routine.
Mutated Spider Vanish - Where does the coin go?
Four Card Reiteration - Commercial, amusing and amazing. Included is Dan's Elmsley Count Technique
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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