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Bill Malone Tips Sam the Bellhop

by Malone, Bill

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: Bill Malone

Product Description

Now for the first time, Bill tips his mitt and reveals the full story. On this video you will see and learn the rhythm, the pacing, the shuffles, the cuts, the timing ,the flourishes, the asides, the energy, the comedy, the attitude that has made Malone's "Sam" one of the most entertaining card tricks in history. This tape uncovers Malone's original dynamics that make the effect flow. If you apply yourself, you can learn the most entertaining four minutes you will ever do. As seen on the NBC special "World's Greatest Magic." Plus special bonus effect, Radical Aces.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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March 27th, 2003 2:52pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
If you have ever wanted to do Bill malones 'Sam the bell hop' then this video will teach you everything. However be warned although the pack is all set up ready to tell the story the real magic is convincing your audience that you are shuffling and cutting the deck and finding the cards in the middle of the deck.

Bill takes you through each step and also teaches you about timing and presentation which is essential to make this trick convincing. So if you just want to buy the video to know how it's done you are in for a dissapointment. However, if you want a routine that will have your audiences talking for some time and you don't mind putting in that bit of extra effort then this is for you.

Don't think that you can get away with a few false cuts, I've seen many magicians kill the trick because they were too lazy to learn to do it properly. This is one trick that does require practice. But it will be well worth it.

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