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Master Card Magician, Volume 3

by Nash, Martin

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: L & L Publishing

Product Description

Here is the legacy of a man whose life's work has been the exploration of the entertainment possibilities inherent in a deck of playing cards. Nash has given his all to the videotape medium. His best routines, his personal secrets, his moves and handlings that have built a world-wide reputation for "The Charming Cheat."

Just to watch a performance, to observe this famed cardman hold and handle the cards, is an education in itself. All the patter; the finesses and the Nash genius are here.

The series is composed of six videos. Each commences with Martin's introduction of the subject matter, followed by the performance before a live audience of a specific card act. You know that Martin is fooling his audience for the simple reason that he is fooling you. Then, Martin explains the act in detail: all the sleights, handlings and bits of psychology. Each card act is a complete unit, where each trick blends into the next, until the last applause-getting effect.

Nash's style is that of a card cheat. He presents himself as a professional gambler, who can obviously beat you in any game. He likes to close with the line: "If you are going to gamble, make sure it is with me." The overwhelming impression is that he can do anything he wants with a deck of cards.

Although the purchase of the entire set represents on important investment, it could well be argued that you may never again need anything more in card magic. Here are all the classic effects-plus exciting new card magic-of one of the world's master magicians.

The advantage of these videotapes is that you get the distilled product of a lifetime of research. When Martin teaches you how to control a selected card, for example, you can be certain that he has examined hundreds of methods and teaches you the one he uses to earn his living: deceptive certain and, in the final analysis, relatively easy. The same holds true for all the sleights he uses: false cuts, false shuffles, doubles, centers, crimps, passes and so forth.

Likewise, in the effects section, Martin has built his professional acts upon commercial effects that stun the spectators. Yet the results are varied and will fascinate any magician: poker demonstrations, Triumph effects, sandwich effects, Ace twistings, Ace cuttings, transpositions and other classics. His methods are exceptionally clean.

Videonics tapes were produced in a studio using professional equipment, under the direction of Hans Zahn, a professional magician. The broadcast-quality camera shots are clear and angled so you can see what you have to see.

Remember you get Martin's professional acts as he performed them before the public hundreds of times a year, complete with patter. Not only do you see the effects performed but also how they blend in with each other to make the complete Act.

This act is tightly knit, each effect blending into the next and the basic theme is cheating at cards. the opening is a challenge magician vs. gambler routine, which leads to a lovely ace cutting sequence. In this lecture you will learn the Nash Multiple Shift method. The finale is a showcase item, where the Charming Cheat turns false dealing into a miracle. Gambler vs Magician; Marlo's Ace Cut Routine; Spinning the Aces; Segregating the Colors; Colors on the March.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: WfK3gmIqO4KnhQ4


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