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Card Classics, Volume 2 (VHS)

by Krenzel, Ken

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: L & L Publishing

Product Description

Harry Lorayne called Ken Krenzel's ideas, routines and original sleights 'lasting contributions to the art of card magic.' Ken Krenzel has been a respected innovator and leader in the field of sleight-of-hand magic for more than four decades and now shares some of his most powerful and carefully guarded secrets of card magic with you.

In this 90-minute visit with Dr. Krenzel and host Gary Ouellet, you'll learn novel ideas, moves and routines guaranteed to warm the heart of any card magic enthusiast.

Featured items include:

Krenzel On The Peek - The complete work on this important utility move. From the free selection to shuffling the deck, every bit of information needed to employ and accomplish this bit of card wizardry is explored including several effects.

Vanishing Collectors - The ultimate version of this classic plot. Three selected cards are placed between the four Aces. The seven-card packet is placed in the middle of the deck and the selections are shown to have vanished. However, just as quickly, all three return. A fast and magical effect.

Light And Heavy Cards - The ultimate version of Bob Ostin's 'Submarine Card.' A high (heavy) card sinks into a packet of four low (light) cards one card at a time. Suddenly, it rises to the top because it's suddenly turned into a light card. The others, of course, have all changed into heavy cards.

The Jack Miller Pass - A great utility item that can be used as a transformation or a control, meticulously explained by Ken.

Transcendental Transpo - A stage illusion in miniature as Ken recreates the classic 'Metamorphosis' illusion with just a deck of cards.

The Magic Bullet - Krenzel's work on another card magic classic. The two interlaced halves of the deck are set at right angles to look like a pistol as the performer causes the selected card to shoot out of its barrel.

New Peek Control - A powerful weapon in any card man's arsenal. Imagine the possibilities of being able to immediately and secretly steal a card from the pack after a spectator has peeked at it. A deceptive piece of card magic with endless possibilities.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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