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Lessons In Magic With Paul Diamond, Volume 3 - Mr. Humble (VHS)

by Diamond, Paul

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: L & L Publishing

Product Description

Close-up workers will find this an excellent collection of sure-fire material, using cards, coins and bills.

Starting out with Chink-a-Chink, using plastic bottle caps, Paul shows how this is easily done with anything and without a lot of fancy grips, gimmicks and palming. A good lesson.

A No Palm Card to Wallet will be quickly added to your quick trick collection. Here, a card bearing the spectator's signature is buried in the deck. A second card is placed in the wallet. Deck is spread and second card shows up. Spectator opens wallet and finds first signed card. No palm, no holders, slits - oh, so simple.

An impromptu Rising Card is performed. Using an envelope as a simple houlette-like holder, suspended on a pencil, the wrong card rises then sinks back and the correct card rises. A very cute notion.

Salt poured into the fist passes into the other hand, in the usual effect but then both hands start producing salt and pouring it into a large bowl. A very clean routine without resorting to table or body loads.

Diamond Aces is a fine effective routine I have seen Paul present on many occasions. Here he explains every move and his simple, easily acquired sleights. Expanding Bill is about the simplest visible and easiest giant bill production I have seen. Thumb Tips come in for a lecture of their own. Repeatedly showing his hands empty, without the customary hand washing. Using natural actions, the effect is convincing. When Paul reveals that he is using a black thumb tip, you will no longer worry about your "tip" having a slight scratch. If you poke lighted cigarettes in borrowed handkerchiefs, you will benefit from a lesson showing right and wrong handling.

The Bill Switch is a popular effect today when a borrowed dollar bill changes into a hundred dollar bill. With Paul's method, just fold and unfold a bill and the miracle has happened.

Ring and Spring, an ancient parlor novelty, gets additional treatment and twists to fool the knowing ones. This is the first time I have seen the move that will completely puzzle the fellow who knows how it is done. A very good routine.

The tape ends with a visible change of a penny to a giant penny. Two methods are given and the viewer should be happy with all the knowledge acquired in this excellent collection. Definitely recommended.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: rIHEYtkIlw7Qubf


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