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Art of Dove Magic

by Adair, Ian

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Category: Stage
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: L & L Publishing

Product Description

Author of the famous "Encyclopedia of Dove Magic" and originator of many marketed dove effects, Ian Adair, has been working with doves since the 1950s. Ian's effects, routines, tips and hints are revealed in a clear and precise manner, and to assist the viewer, many of the production methods revealed can be used to produce other birds, livestock and props. You will only be restricted by the limits of your own imagination. You now have before you a video film covering some of Ian's methods, techniques and ideas.

Select Your Doves - Types of doves to select; Trimming (arcing) the tail feathers; Methods to avoid the birds from flying; Clipping; Dampening under wings.

Display Units and Tricks on Their Own - Fluttering up the fingers; Climbing the ladder; Revolving on the Ring; Silver tree display; Cane to table perch; Cane levitation.

Apparatus Dove Effects - Dove from Poster; Chinese Folding Box; Two Little Dicky Birds; Bunny Dove Hat; Dovenette; Rainbow House & Bunny Gift Surprise.

Holders, Harnesses and Pockets - Dove from Scarf; Dove Production Royale; Dove Foulard; Carnival Ribbons.

Holders - Stick 'n' Easy dove holder; Clasp-type holder; Gut loop; Abbott's type sock holder; Metal slide; PVC flexible pocket container; Adjustable hat fake; Dove bag; Performing a dove steal.

Adapting Standard Apparatus - Dove pan ribbon cage; Harold Taylor and Robert Harbin tips on Dove Pans; Changing Bag Dove in Balloon; Lighted Candle Thru Dove; Bottle, Ribbon & Dove Mystery; Another Dove in Balloon; Good-bye Dove, Good-bye Banner; All-black velvet banner.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: or1GMeewxm7tuNh


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