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Eyepad (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

by Dobson, Wayne

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Wayne Dobson

Product Description

A stunning, unique "Think of a Card" Trick

A huge hit at Magic Live 2017 The spectator thinks of any card (NO FORCE) You introduce your (spoof) EyePad What follows is 5 minutes of solid entertainment and a comedy of errors as various pages of the EyePad are turned Just when the spectator thinks you've messed up, BOOM! The one single card that is in full view on the last page is shown to be the spectator's thought-of card! Unique Points to Remember The spectator is never asked to reveal the card until the very end! Very easy to perform It comes with a very high quality printed "EyePad" Ideal for cabaret, theater, and TV Great for magicians, comperes, and children's entertainers A great opener, middle or closer! Who has EyePad!

David Copperfield
Kevin James
Chris Funk
Will Tsai
and more!

Be prepared to see looks of absolute shock on the audience's faces!

This product comes with downloadable video explanation and PDF file.
Date Added: Sep 6th, 2017
MLA SKU: 59af9cf94f806


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