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How to do Coin Magic

by Zee

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: SansMinds Productionz

Product Description

If playing cards are the poetry of magic, then coins must be the prose.

As a form of free expression, and performed with objects that virtually everyone carries, the possibilities are nearly endless.

But with all of the material out there about coins, it can be overwhelming. What if you're just starting to work with coins and don't know what to learn? That's why we made How to do Coin Magic.

How to Do Coin Magic is a modern video treatise on the art of prestidigitation with coins. Taking you from beginner to expert, the moves, concepts, and routines expertly taught by Zee are a treasure for any performer, whether new or seasoned.

What you will learn:

PALMS Classic Palm Thumb Palm Finger Palm Back thumb Palm Edge Grip Nowhere Palm JW Grip Mutobe Palm PALMING SUBTLETIES SWITCHES Switch A Switch B Shuttle Pass Simple Switch VANISHES ROPS Move Drop Vanish Heel Clip Steal JW Grip Himber Vanish False Transfer PRODUCTIONS Basic Productions Sai Production UTILITY MOVE Click Pass EFFECTS/ROUTINES 3 Coin Across 2 Coin Transpo A 2 Coin Transpo B Complete Vanish (Mutobe) Complete Vanish (Back Thumb Palm) PERFORMANCE TIPS How to Handle Coins Flow of Movement Thoughts on Coins Across Time Delay on Coin Vanishes Thoughts on Hand Wash Magic or Manipulation DON'TS Finger Grip Forcing Subtleties Counting Coins What's in the Box?
How To Do Coin Magic instructional DVD
Date Added: Jul 27th, 2017
MLA SKU: 59798f73efdba


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