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Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner, The

by Maxwell, Mike

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Book
Publisher: L & L Publishing

Product Description

Thirty-seven magical, audience-tested routines from one of America's outstanding bar magicians. Highlights include - J.C.'s Infamous Card Under the Drink - One of J.C.'s closely guarded secrets for many years; Entertainment Tacks - The bread on the ceiling will put the bread on the table; Jumbo Torn and Restored Car - The Big Brother to J.C.'s now classic routine; The Wagnerian Miracle - Any card at any number at anytime; Knock on Wood - An absolutely stunning coins-through-the-table which features the Wagner Click Pass, an invaluable coin move; J.C.'s Super Closer - a mind-numbing finale.; Prediction Out of This World - Paul Curry's Masterpiece with a Wagner knock-out punch.; Thoughts on The Gambler's Cop - The real work on concealing a card.; The Assembly - A working professional's method for a classic effect.; Whispering Wagner - Two thought-of cards out of thin air.

Soft cover.
Date Added: Oct 17th, 2003


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June 5th, 2004 11:04pm
Reviewed by Andy
Do you have a favourite book that after you had read it, it had somehow injected you with a new sense of motivation for magic. Maybe you were in a bit of a rut and performing the same things again and again. Or maybe you were like me and at that stage in your development when things go "click" and you realise that actually you are starting to get quite good at this magic mullarky and the book takes you places you had always wanted to go. Better still, it then travels along with you as you progress and get even better. This is my book. Prior to getting this I was an out of this world, shoddy version of ambitious card come anything else with a double lift in it kinda guy.

This book gave me a metaphorical kick up the rear and got me into more advanced techniques. The content is not technically that difficult, but the effects and methods spoke to me somehow. The section on ace assemblies is fantastic, with many nice subtleties and sleights that you will already know and not have found... [Read More]

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