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The Butterfly Effect (DVD and Gimmicks)

by Nardi, Peter

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Categories: General, Stage, Mentalism
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Alakazam UK

Product Description

Around ten years ago Peter Nardi created an effect that has been shared with very few magicians. It's his go to "magician fooler" and makes a really nice presentation piece to perform for lay people. It uses a regular deck, the process is ultra-fair and the reveal is jaw-dropping!

In 2015 Peter Nardi featured this effect in his lectures and the response was incredible. He has had so many requests to release this to the community and he is happy to say his good friend Titanas finally convinced him to put his work on the Butterfly Effect on DVD.

On this DVD you will learn Peter Nardi's complete handling and presentation for the Butterfly Effect as well as some additional ideas that he has kept secret for a long time.

Not only that but you will also receive two custom printed reveal cards and a printable PDF for Peter Nardi's parlour presentation Fate & Free Will.

The Butterfly Effect is a self-working masterpiece that you will love performing!
Date Added: Jun 3rd, 2016
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Official Review

August 31st, 2016 4:39am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
The Butterfly Effect is a Peter Nardi creation released through his company Alakazam Magic. It has an old world feel and is an excellent routine with a very clever, but simple method. This trick is highly recommended. It is simple to learn and you can be performing immediately after watching the instructional video. It is so easy and self working that it allows you tremendous freedom to focus on your presentation.

The performer takes out his deck of cards and asks the spectator to cut the deck. The performer takes half and the spectator takes the other half. They each mix up the deck and then drop one half on top of the other. Satisfied that the deck is in a totally random order the performer removes the joker from the deck and places it face up on the table. Then, the performer discusses how a butterfly flapping its wings in one place can cause a hurricane across the world and there is also patter about fate and free will. The performer then instructs the spectator to... [Read More]

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