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Neo Magic Artistry

by Sharpe, S.H.

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Category: Philosophy
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Miracle Factory
Publication Summary: 2000,386 pgs.
Format: Hardbound with Dust Jacket

Product Description

Sharpe's Revised Editions of Neo-Magic and the Magic Artistry series. Includes additional material by David Devant, Doug Henning, Vito Lupo and Jeff McBride

Prepared by the late S.H. Sharpe, Neo-Magic Artistry combines Sharpe's revised versions of his rare 1932 classic of magic theory, Neo-Magic, with three of his other scarce books from the 1930's, Conjured Up, Good Conjuring, and Great Magic. Once again, Sam Sharpe will take you on his voyage through the meaning of magic and ways to transform your performances into fine art. You'll also find over 30 original effects; Sharpe's autobiography and additional Sharpe essays; the rarely-seen text of Devant's magic drama The Supreme Test; and words on Sharpe by Doug Henning, Todd Karr, Vito Lupo, and Jeff McBride. 432 Hardbound Pages, Printed On Acid-Free Paper With Full-Color Dustjacket
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
MLA SKU: D5svzQ2q0059f1e


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December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by iluznst
It's unfortunate that this book is sold out, being the classic that it is. When reading this book, realize that it was written in a different time and place. There are lots of little gems of advice laced throughout that can actually apply to all performers and not just magicians. You actually get three books in one with this edition.

Official Review

November 5th, 2012 12:51am
Reviewed by Fredrick Turner
In 2000, Todd Karr, with contributions from Vito Lupo, Jeff McBride and the art of Katlyn Breene, released a work of love for the late magician, historian and philosopher S.H. Sharpe. Published by Karr's Miracle Factory, this anthology included Neo Magic and the Magic Artistry Trilogy: Conjured Up, Good Conjuring and Great Magic. Bringing these works together in one volume was not only a great gift to magic but also the fulfillment of a dream of Sharpe's that he did not live to see.

Neo-Magic opens the collection and is the foundation for all of Sharpe's writing. Originally published in 1932, Neo-Magic may be a challenge for some 21st Century readers as some may find his writing style a bit old fashioned. However, persistence will be paid off in spades as Sharpe offers great insight into what makes magic magical. Starting with an analysis of art and its relationship to magic, Sharpe explores what he feels is needed for magic to become a fine art. As the volume unfolds, he provides... [Read More]

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