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Anniversary Waltz (Special Cards and Online Instructions)

by Thomas, Garrett; Eason, Doc

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Categories: General, Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Kozmomagic Inc.

Product Description

Doc Eason calls Anniversary Waltz "the strongest card trick known to man." This modern day classic has an emotional connection. The effect it creates is so powerful that women have been known to cry after seeing it. Now, Doc and Garrett Thomas team up to bring you all of the touches on the classic that every magician should have in their working repertoire. Doc and Garrett feel Anniversary Waltz is so important that they're giving the method away for free!

But, what's most important to a great performance of Anniversary Waltz is the cards; the correct cards. Cards designed specifically for this effect have never been available. Well, they are now! Doc and Garrett's new Anniversary Waltz deck includes: Ace of Hearts / Two of Hearts; King of Hearts / Queen of Hearts; plus plenty of contrasting cards with abundant signature room, so you can perform the effect for non-special occasions.

Watch the download and when you're ready the cards will be waiting for you.
Date Added: Dec 3rd, 2015
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Official Review

January 15th, 2016 3:33pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Back when Kozmo Magic first advertised that this video was going to be released on Reel Magic Magazine, I was already looking forward to it. Then he dropped a bit of a bomb: It was FREE, even to non-subscribers! Well, the video portion is free, but the deck is not.

What I am reviewing here is actually two different things in one review because they go hand-in-hand: The Anniversary Waltz Project video (the instructional part) and the special Anniversary Waltz deck, which is not necessary to purchase but is a great option. More on that later.

I watched the video the minute it was released and boy is it ever worth it. If you have ever performed Anniversary Waltz, then you know how strong the effect is/can be. If you have never seen it before, you should really look into it.

The video is available to watch for free on the Reel Magic Magazine site if you are a subscriber and if you are not, you can still watch it for free on the Murphy's Magic website. The video is very, very... [Read More]

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