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by Murray, Michael

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Zodiacus was designed by Michael Murray to accompany David Sena and Pete Turners "Isabella's Star" effect along with its latest variations which were detailed in "Isabella's Star 2".

At its heart this is simply a subtly marked set of number cards but in reality this is so much more...

Housed in a beautiful draw string velvet bag this purpose designed set of "Numerology Cards" hides a series of devastating secrets. These secrets allow you to do any of the following:-

?Deliver an amazingly accurate "hot" read at any time in your routine
?Reveal the exact star sign or birth element of a spectator without any questions
?Reveal the exact date of birth of a spectator without any questions.

The layout and design of these cards removes the need for excessive memory work, and each card on it's own right can become a simple yet comprehensive crib for the performer. Add to this that the markings can be read at a distance and even in a spread condition and you have an invaluable tool for the modern mentalist.

Explained within the instructions:
The full marking system for the ten cards (0-9)
The "Hot" read system
The "No Questions" system for working out a spectators Star Sign, Birth Month or Element

Please note that this does not contain the methodology for the Isabella's Star effect and will require the Isabella's Star 2 booklet to unlock the full potential of these cards.
Date Added: Apr 15th, 2014
MLA SKU: 534cd8fbbad16


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