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O.R.C. (Optimum Rising Card)

by Ben, Taiwan

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Categories: Close Up, Stage
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

O.R.C. is the ULTIMATE in Rising Card Effects! The most versatile method that has ever produced! Absolutely NO hook ups what so ever! This classic effect can now be performed under the most stringent test conditions. With ORC you have 100% control over the rising of the card! Now you can perform this miracle in ways that before could only be imagined. You can even have the spectator command the card to rise! You can even perform the classic Haunted Pack under the same rigorous conditions.
Endless Possibilities
Limited Only By Your Imagination
Simply the best...

  • NO Threads
  • NO Magnets
  • NO Elastics
  • NO Forcing
  • NO hook ups what so ever!
  • Perform Under Impossible Test Conditions
  • ALWAYS 100% under your TOTAL control Precision Made Gimmick With Wireless Remote
  • Perform ANYWHERE
DVD Contents:
  • Rising Card on Any Table
  • Rising Card in the Goblet
  • Rising Card under the Goblet
  • Rising Card with spectator's hand
  • Finding Chosen Card by Shadow Effect
  • Chasing Chosen Card by Mystic Spirit Effect
  • Resonance Phenomenon
The package includes Precision Made Gimmick and DVD Instruction.
NOTE: Included deck and cards are Blue, but can be converted to any color.
Date Added: Aug 23rd, 2013
MLA SKU: 52170875a9750


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May 28th, 2014 10:48pm
Reviewed by Russell Carsey
This is the best of the best rising card I have seen.It is silent,reliable ,and very magical!

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