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The Time Travel Manual

by Zandman, Josh

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Book

Product Description

The Time Travel Manual
Presented by Josh Zandman

Some of the greatest minds in mentalism will take you on a journey through time and teach you how to bend reality, change the past and alter the future. Contained on the pages within, are the secrets to creating some of the most incredible time traveling presentations you could imagine.

15 routines on 100 pages.

Tour Guides:
Ted Karmilovich will show you one of the most incredible and impossible headline predictions ever devised. Hand your spectator an actual headline, taken from a newspaper in the future.

Andrew Gerard demonstrates a hypnotic journey into the past where your spectator relives the events of her day. Returning to the past, everything is back to normal except for the time on her watch.

Josh Zandman takes a Q&A routine into the future. Three answers are instantly revealed inside a sealed envelope, held by the spectator before she even answers your questions.

... and Kenton Knepper, Scott Grossberg, Nick Belleas, Greg Arce, Don Theo III, George Frega and Sean Waters.
Date Added: Nov 24th, 2010
MLA SKU: 86vubMYKq88gwPZ


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