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Harmony Coins

by Merchant of Magic

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Merchant of Magic Ltd (V)

Product Description

The Harmony Coin changes colour to match each coin it touches!

Even in the spectators own hands!

A black Chinese coin is displayed to the spectator. Then three more Chinese coins are shown, coloured red, yellow and blue.

The black coin is placed on your palm. The red coin is then placed alongside and the black coin magically changes to red! The process is repeated with the yellow and blue coins. The black coin takes on each new colour accordingly as it touches them.

Finally, you place all four different colour coins into a spectators hand, so they can hold them tight in their fist. As they slowly open their hand, everyone can see that each of the four coins have changed to the same colour!





Comes complete with detailed illustrated instruction guide book, and full set of custom-made nickle plated Chinese Harmony Coins.
Date Added: May 13th, 2010


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July 6th, 2010 6:04am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Subtle, and charming. Those are two words that come to mind regarding Harmony Coins...subtle being the first word. The cover of the instructions, which appears in ads for this effect, likewise, matches the subtlety of the effect itself. The ad copy below is true, so there were no discrepencies between what I read and what I received.
The coins are the size of quarters, nicely enameled, with raised characters.
Because they are small, this effect seems appropriate for intimate situations-which is not always the case with coins, or chips of the half dollar scale. The sleights and routine will impose no great challenge to an experienced coin worker. The effect and the bright colors of the coins, to me makes up a very commercial trick. Accessable, and pretty straight forward.
Now. It took me three read throughs of the instructions, to clarify how the audience should perceive these coins from the start. I was honestly not sure.
The clues were in 4 'shows' of different coins,... [Read More]

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