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Cesaral Time Perfect II

by Cesar Alonso

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Cesaral Magic

Product Description


The magician sets a time in his watch. He then leaves his hand up, and far from his sight. He will never touch it again with his fingers! He will not see it until the end.

The magician asks to one or several spectators to imagine, and then announce any time of the day, even to the exact minute!

The magician shows the watch to the spectators revealing that the predicted time is an exact match to the spectator's announced time!

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Important points:

* This watch tells time and can be used as an everyday watch

* During the effect the watch can be seen by everybody. Nobody touches it!

* The watch can be given out for examination at the end

* Perform it basically in Impromptu and close-up. Also valid for stage.

* Resets automatically and in a few seconds.

* Brand new unique method for time machines! The cleanest one!

* Many presentation ideas are possible!

And the best point... No technique required, so you can just focus on the presentation!
Date Added: Jul 7th, 2009


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