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Cesaral PK 4D Die

by Cesar Alonso

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Cesaral Magic

Product Description

Effect 1:

The Magician shows a hollow die made with a cardboard box. One of its sides can be opened to show the inner part of it, which is empty. The magician asks an audience member to write down a word on a piece of paper, and then make paper into a ball with it. The paper ball is placed inside the die, and the die is closed. Then the spectator puts the die inside a die shaker and places it on a tray. Nobody knows what the die's top number is.

The magician shows a drawing block with no pictures on it, and draws a die. Then he shows the die he drew, and then the die shaker is removed... both numbers on the top of each individual die match! Suddenly, the top of the hand drawn die animates in 3D and opens upwards, revealing something inside the die, which is a word... This word also matches the word written by the audience member in the piece of paper!!!

At the end, the drawing with the dice and the written word in it is given out as a souvenir.

A complete routine with three strong effects done with a card box Die!!!

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Effect 2:

After the card box die is examined, several audience members take the die in their hands and put and place it in any position, and fully covered by their hands. Even under these conditions, the magician is able to name instantly the exact position of the die in the audience member's hands.

Effect 3:

Several audience members hide objects in their hands. One of the objects is the hollow Card box. The magician easily finds where the Die is hidden, and the number that is on top.

Bonus Effect 1:

A coin put on top of a Pen marker, drops at the magicians command. This can be done with the material included in the effect. No assistants are required.

Bonus Effect 2:

This is also a powerful magic tool that can be used to detect many kinds of objects at a distance of up to 10cm. You will learn how to create with it many different effects.

Important points:

* The Die can be fully examined by the audience members to find nothing unusual!

* The Die can be rolled to show it behaves like a normal Die.

* Incredible methods are used in all the system.

* No forces are necessary.

* Very visual routine, for stage, or close-up!

* It is very easy to do, allowing you to concentrate on the presentation!

* The tool is an open door for many new effects.
Date Added: Jul 7th, 2009


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