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by Christopher Hart

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Category: Stage
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: UGM Video

Product Description

This DVD was filmed during a lecture Christopher Hart gave in Japan. He gives his ideas in English during the lecture, followed by a Japanese translation. Watch as Hart performs and reveals his personal Zombie routine, along with all the finesses, touches and bits of business he has devised over the years. The lecture is a great way for anyone to learn and perform the Zombie. Whether you are an amateur magician or have been performing the Zombie for years, there is something on this DVD for everyone.
Date Added: Feb 6th, 2008


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Official Review

February 28th, 2008 3:52pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
You know what they say about assumptions...

I'm not sure why I assumed Christopher Hart would be talking about his fabulous "mannequin hand" zombie. If I were him, I sure as hell wouldn't be tipping the work on it. And he doesn't.

But that's not to say the DVD isn't worth watching. In fact, I would suggest this DVD to anyone working on a zombie routine. Christopher goes over a lot of the subtle details that turn a "ball on a stick" into a wonderful piece of magic.

It's a bit hard to watch due to the pauses for translation into Japanese. Since it's shot at a lecture, the production quality isn't all that great. There were several times where a decent close-up shot could have cleared up quite a bit.

So if you're working on a zombie routine, pick up this DVD. It's available exclusively from Stevens Magic Emporium.

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