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BUI (Bottled Up inside) DVD Review

July 20th, 2006 3:06pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
Without giving too much away, this is just another version of 'Coin in Lighter'.

This effect uses a 'Plastic' water bottle not a glass bottle. Most resturants use glass bottles (they do over here in the UK) so I don't see how often I'll get to use this. Maybe it could be adapted somehow to use a glass bottle but I don't see how.

Removing the ring to me looks a bit 'dodgy' but I suppose if people are wowed by the trick then they wont take much notice, How the ring comes out.

The 2nd effect that comes with video is basically a 'freebie'. Nothing worth getting excited about, it's a pretty much a basic trick which I have been doing for years for kids.

If you do table hopping then this might be for you. Worth at least the 3 stars. Sadly I wasn't impressed, I wanted something NEW.

Product info for BUI (Bottled Up inside) DVD

Author: The Trickery
Publisher: The Trickery
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Effect 1: Imagine walking over to anyone anywhere and asking to borrow their empty water bottle. Have them rip the label from the bottle to allow a perfect view. Have them recap the bottle. They place the bottle into your empty hand. Next you borrow a finger ring. In an open view you simply toss the ring through the bottom of the bottle. They see and hear the ring rattling around inside the bottle! You remove the cap and pour the ring out from the mouth of the bottle. Leave everything with them and walk away amongst the accolades of disbelief!

Effect 2: Same scenario as above; a bottle is borrowed. You recap the bottle. Borrow a penny from someone. Place the penny in your open outstretched palm. Take the empty bottle in your other hand. "Watch the penny; watch the bottle." As you say this, the bottle is slapped upon the penny. Instantly and visibly, the penny is seen to have penetrated the bottle in full view. Leave the bottle with the penny trapped inside with your spectator as a gift. The Magi was here!

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