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Cesaral Melting Point Review

July 5th, 2006 2:53pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
A very clever trick, well worth learning. The props are well made but unfortunetly it loses a star for the DVD. Not only did it not work well on 2 of my players but there is no narration so you have to read the explanation on screen. (If I wanted to do that I could have bought a book) Then when the video did run because it had no explanation I found it very frustrating to watch. The DVD kept on coming to an abrupt halt after each chapter and you had to press the menu button to go back to the start. Sorry guys a great trick, wonderful props but your DVD lets you down 'big time'.

Product info for Cesaral Melting Point

Author: Mariano Goa and Cesar Alonso
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Manufacturer's Description:

One of the most amazing and visual coin tricks you will ever see. The magician gives a coin and a plate glass surface to be fully examined. The glass is then held by two spectators. The magician tries to open a "magic window" in the center of the surface to enable the coin to pass thru it and in a few seconds it goes through! The coin visually passes right through the solid piece of glass! The coin can even visually penetrate into a spectator's hand. Your hands are repeatedly shown very clean. At the end, everything can be examined again. This practical miracle is something you will always carry with you.

A bonus included in the instructional DVD is "Ghost Coin" in which a coin is balanced on a table or bar and the "shadow" of your fingers causes the coin to start spinning. This and many other amazing effects are possible with Cesaral Melting Point.

Important points:

  • It can be done initially on an opaque surface, and finally the second time on a plate glass or transparent plastic surface so that everybody can "see" how it works.
  • Almost any surface can be used including a spectator's glass coffee table or glass dinner table.
  • Extremely clean.
  • Easy, practical, and extremely clever method.
  • No sleeves.
  • Can be done with many other coins and objects like candy. (perfect for kids magic!)
  • No special ring (jewelry) is needed.
  • The technique can be used to perform other magic miracles.
  • Works for impromptu, close up, and even stage magic with bigger coins or objects.

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