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Toony Angel & cardtoon DVD Review

May 1st, 2006 6:07pm
Reviewed by transtremm
This DVD contains ever detail you could possibly ask for on the handling of Cardtoon and Toony Angel, including how to instantly reset the trick, patter, and a few ways to do, "the move." I do not know of any other video that demonstrates the special CardToon sleight.

It contains alternate routines, including how to how make the cartoon magician perform different tricks! The alternative animated routines will really fool any one who has already seen this trick. Yes, you can do more than one trick with the CardToon deck, this video shows you how.

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Manufacturer's Description:

Michael Maxwell's Toony Angel and Dan Harlan's CardToon are world-wide smash hits. Who doesn't love an animated stick-man and the bicycle-riding angel finding their thought-of card? It just doesn't get more visual and magical! Join your hosts, Dan Harlan and Michael Maxwell, for a fun-filled ride exploring all of the incredible ins and outs of the effect taking the magic world by storm.

On this one-hour plus DVD, you will learn over 14 great items to use with your Toony Angel/CardToon deck. You will find presentations, handlings, methods, tips, and subtleties that allow you to get the most from this wonderful effect. You won't believe your eyes, and neither will your audience!

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