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Hippity Hop Rabbits Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
A classic sucker trick!
The children love it, especially when they think that they have caught you out.
But like all sucker tricks you have the last laugh!

This trick is suitable for all ages, and although it may not fool the adults the 'punch' at the end will certainly make them laugh when they realise that they have been duped.

A really good trick!

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Manufacturer's Description:

Two attractive cut-outs of a white rabbit and a black rabbit are shown. You place a cover decorated with a white top hat over the white rabbit, and one with a black top hat over the black rabbit. The trick is for the white rabbit and the black rabbit to change places. So, you make them change. But, wait, you just turned the covers around. So, you offer to do it again. And again you just turn the covers around. Obviously the white rabbit is black on the other side and vice-versa. The kids waste no time in telling you that you're just turning them around. So, in an effort to calm them down, you finally turn the rabbits around and Oh, No. The back of one rabbit is red and the back of the other is yellow. This is undoubtedly the best made version of this classic kids' trick on the market today. Very well made. Comes complete with rabbits, covers, and complete instructions.

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