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Pocket Finger Chopper Review

August 13th, 2005 2:26pm
Reviewed by ALEXANDRE
This is fun, fairly easy to do, and easy to carry around with you at all times. But if you have big hands or fat fingers, beware, it becomes a little harder to do it convincingly.

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Author: Mayne, Andrew
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Manufacturer's Description:

Andrew Mayne (Touching Sky, Shock FX, Wizard School) presents a new spin on a classic effect. The magician removes a card and a bill from his wallet (both may also be borrowed and thoroughly inspected). The bill is slid through two slits in the card. The magician then sticks his finger through both the bill and the card and invites a spectator to grab the bill and pull it free. On the count of three, the spectator pulls the bill and it's pulled straight through the magician's finger.

* Nothing to be reset
* Everything may be examined
* Full performance script included

Staplebound, 8 pages, fully photo-illustrated.

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