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Ethereal Salt Review

March 1st, 2005 4:42pm
Reviewed by Coolini
I had this prop years ago. Picture here makes part of the cap look gold, where unless they've changed the design, it's all silver color. I liked the way it worked as far as the mechanism. Sort of like a milk pitcher where the salt stays trapped in the lid. But had two problems with the design: "glass" portion being smooth instead of somewhat faceted shaped, and the glass (plastic) being slightly gray instead of clear. It appears somewhat blue in this snapshot. Bright flash makes the salt look white in this photo, but in real life it looks gray, more like pepper. Lid on shaker is oversized but probably wouldn't be deemed suspicious by audience. Shaker was recognizeable as what it was supposed to be, but certainly didn't look like any kind of shaker your audience is likely to have seen before. Shaker is sealed and self-contained, couldn't be easier to work. Salt is not visibly poured into fist; is operated more like a milk pitcher. Nicely enough made but unusual looking and slightly smoky color clear plastic.

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The magician shows a salt shaker, and might even pour a bit of real salt out of it. Now, he pours all of the salt into his closed fist and without any sleights, makes the salt vanish. He shows the shaker completely empty, then covers it with a silk. Upon removing the silk, he shows the shaker full of salt again.

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