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Chinese Rice Bowls Review

March 1st, 2005 4:42pm
Reviewed by Coolini
Large bowls with one gimmicked semi Brahmin style so no need for disc. Interiors are plain metal color, not black. Mouths of bowls do not lock/nest, so could be tricky for some to manipulate due to their large size. Gimmicked bowl can be quickly flashed at an angle without audience noticing disparity too much. Not fancy, a messy trick, but no disc to deal with, cheap enough, and would get the job done.
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The performer shows two empty bowls. One of these is filled to the brim with rice. The other bowl is placed over the rice filled one. When uncovered, the rice has magically doubled in quantity, over flowing the bowls. The rice is now emptied out, and the empty bowls are placed together again. When separated the bowls are found to be full of water, which is poured from bowl to bowl. As it is being poured, it is obvious that the quantity is increasing drastically.

The apparatus supplied comprises of a pair of special bowls. This is a spectacular effect brought back alive with the quality of Indian made bowls. It comes complete with bowls and instructions, with many ideas and routines.

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