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Card Rise Box Review

March 1st, 2005 4:41pm
Reviewed by Coolini
Just in case anyone should be in doubt, this prop has "Magic Box" painted on front! I played this up for a cheap laugh, first bringing the box out turned around backward. But this also shows that the back looks unprepared. Force a card and have a duplicate in the box or control it to the top of the deck. No motors or threads, just a very simple rigging inside the box operated effortlessly by your thumb. Can be performed 3/4 surrounded. Comes curiously in elaborate blue box for shipping and storage. You can make as many cards rise as you like, one at a time. And you probably will do so while playing with the prop. A cheap, fun, simple prop for doing a card rise. I liked mine with the goofy artwork not actually tipping what kind of magic it was going to do. Box can also be used to keep cards or silks or the like inside beforehand. Gimmicking doesn't take up much of the interior.

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A spectator selects any card from 52. The card is then returned to the deck. The deck is placed inside the Magic Box. Then magically, the lid rises and the spectator's selected card begins to rise up out of the box! The Card Rise Box accommodates both bridge and poker size playing cards! Each Card Rise Box comes packed in a blue gift box for safe keeping.

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