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Vanishing Magic Wand Review

March 1st, 2005 4:41pm
Reviewed by Coolini
Made with the same quality and materials/methodology as all the other Fantasio products. Looks like a standard wand-- not too short, not too thick. The coil lines are no more nor less visible than on his black canes. Wand doesn't taper ridiculously from one end to the other, even though it's basically a black vanishing candle. Both tips come off and instructions suggest that you may want to pre-ditch the one on what would be the ferrule end, since otherwise you wind up with two caps and a collapsed wand to try and hide in your hands. Can fit silks or streamers inside of basically same size as with a vanishing candle. Prop has the little holes for tying or looping silks into the ends if desired. Can be used as a regular wand up until doing the vanish. Magician can tell which end is which, to know which hand to have it collapse into. Wand does make the familiar sound some dislike when vanishing, possibly less sound when used with silks or streamers. Hands having to conceal a fistful of stuff apiece at the end suggests one use silks or streamers to excuse this. If you like using a standard wand for stage work, this one would have a built-in trick. I liked this prop so much I bought a second one as a backup. Now also comes in a silver shaft model, but haven't yet seen one of these in action.

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Author: Fantasio
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A black wand with white tips is vanished in the blink of an eye, or it can be made to change into a small silk hank.

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