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Zombie Ball Video, The Review

March 1st, 2005 4:41pm
Reviewed by Coolini
Losander is justifiably lauded for his floating table, soap bubbles, and even dancing cane type items. His Zombie technique uses a smaller cloth, a few bends in the standard gimmick, and rarely seen decent acting/mime. The video runs all of 20 minutes, part of which is performance only. I think most would find the video way overpriced for the tiny bit of information imparted. On the other hand if you actually need to watch video to see a demo of the mime theory of you and the ball not moving at the same time, you will indeed see it here. Better advice might be to spend your money on a more original trick than Zombie in the first place...

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Author: Losander, Dirk
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Manufacturer's Description:

Professional magician Dirk Losander has been performing his own levitation and animation routines for over 15 years. Unlike many levitation effects, many of Mr. Losander's creations can be performed surrounded, under almost any conditions, close-up or on stage.

Utilizing a totally new gimmick, Losander's Zombie Ball routine really gives the audience the feeling that the ball is floating.

Even if you've never tried a Zombie routine before, Losander will have you performing miracles in no time.

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