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Multiplying Ball Climax--Vernet Review

March 1st, 2005 4:40pm
Reviewed by Coolini
If you like the Vernet balls, you may like this flash finale. Not everyone likes the Vernet balls, and they're reviewed elsewhere on this website. This gimmick matches the other Vernet balls, and can be used right or left handed. Has little flat clips to attach it to safety pins on your shirt/vest underneath your coat. Many ball climaxes use half balls, and this model falls into that category. This allows the prop to be hidden under your coat without bulging, but also means it needs to be held with proper angle considerations when produced. Finger spacing between balls is wide enough on this one, and the connection between the balls is flesh color plastic. An appropriate addition for those who like doing an extended stage routine with the Vernet balls.

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Publisher: Vernet
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This Multi-Ball Production adds impact to your Billiard Ball routine. What a finale, to produce eight balls, four in each hand in a flash.

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