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Mandarin Mirror Box Review

March 1st, 2005 4:39pm
Reviewed by Coolini
Nicely made out of heavy durable wood with magnetic catch for front door. Comes in red, yellow or pictured green. I had the yellow version and the interior was green, which I thought may have been an odd choice for the interior. Not sure if the other color boxes also have green interiors. Small prop with load space being half the size of the box. Interior has grooves on all sides to hide mirror and increase visiblility of interior depth. No idea what if anything the symbols on the outside of the box mean or if some would consider this to be tacky. Prop is basically a nice step up from the cardboard Dragon mirror boxes.
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Here is a beautiful piece of apparatus for producing and vanishing props such as silks, candy, even a small animal! The box is opened showing it is empty. After explaining the box has ancient Chinese markings that refer to its magical orientation, the box is given one full revolution. The top door is then opened and the performer makes objects appear! The Mandarin Mirror box comes in three colors and stands 5.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches in width. Watch the demo video to see this miracle in action...

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