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Egyptian Water Box Review

March 1st, 2005 4:38pm
Reviewed by Coolini
Cracks me up how the description says this is a very high quality piece of magic. This trick has been around practically since the Egyptians themselves. Strictly for beginners with a little dough to blow, and would arguably work better usinb normal production items instead of water. Naturally this is not made out of any sort of expensive materials for this price. No rubber covers are used on the glass, so in performance the magician is juggling a swinging open glass of water-- and it looks it. Think Flipover Vanish with an open glass of liquid as the load. Totally angly, obvious, and cumbersome for the average youngster magician to perform. Liquid tricks tend to be shunned by many due to messiness, and on top of not being a very good trick, this one is pretty much a disaster waiting to happen.

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A glass of liquid is produced from an Empty box. You pour it back inside the Box & open the 2 doors, it Completely Vanishes! This is a very high quality piece of magic! You'll perform it every show! NO Covers of any kind are used!
7 x 5 x 6 inches.

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