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Crystal Bowl Vanish Review

March 1st, 2005 4:38pm
Reviewed by Coolini
This is indeed a clever version of the standard method bowl on tray vanish. Description doesn't mention that you need to have your trained assistant to do the standard dirty work, but hopefully magicians would assume this was the case. Colored liquid cannot be used in this trick, has to be clear water. Bowl retaining the water works in the same way as others. Bowl can be shown separate of the tray before filling it, which is a nice touch. The bowl and tray being crystal cut is what creates the invisibility illusion when the assistant walks off with the clear tray. Trick is naturally VERY angly, probably even more than on other versions, so sight lines and how far upstage to do this needs to be considered. Bowl and tray are plastic and look about like a party punch bowl and matching tray. I was surprised at how much I liked this trick. One consideration for some might be the fact that the tray is round, where many models use a square tray for ease in handling and better coverage.

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Author: Powell, Dave
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A crystal bowl is filled with water and placed on a crystal clear tray. The bowl is then covered with a cloth and removed from the tray, yet when the cloth is thrown into the air, both the bowl and the water have vanished! Remember, the bowl and tray are completely clear! The method and working of the Crystal Bowl Vanish must be seen...This is the perfect illusion!

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