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Bengal Net Review

March 1st, 2005 4:38pm
Reviewed by Coolini
Please DON'T go shoving some defenseless animal into this prop, for Pete's sake. This hower leaves you with the challenge of finding some logical thing to put inside it. The item shouldn't be too bulky since it's going to bulge after the vanish. Think Devil Napkin. This prop is surprisingly large, and I liked the fact that you could stick your hand into the netting before and after the vanish. The trigger release is pretty much a bent nail or paperclip, so has that bit of cheese factor to it. It would be a simple enough matter to rig this in some other way. The falling of the net covers the m.o. of the vanish pretty well. And at least this model doesn't have the circus tiger paint job across the top certain other models had. If you can find an appropriate item to vanish in this (remember, not too bulky), you might enjoy and use this prop.

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Here is a stunning illusion that can be done close-up or on stage. A large net is suspended by a wooden pole and held at arms length. A live dove, rabbit, or any item of that size is placed into the net. All of a sudden the net falls open and the animal is GONE.

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