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Auto Milko Review

March 1st, 2005 4:37pm
Reviewed by Coolini
For the cheap price, I thought this was a pretty cool trick. Liquid can be poured back and forth between the glasses at the start, to suggest them being unprepared. They're plastic etch cut glasses to hide the gimmicking of one of them. The clear plexi square used as a barrier between the glasses also has a simple gimmicking to it, which must be hidden with the thumb at first. Jumbo playing cards could probably be used to hide the glasses when the magic takes place. Can pour liquid back and forth at the start, or have them both empty. Can fill the top glass and let it that way as long as you like. The self-working magic won't start until you "top it off" a bit more, so it's really kind of interesting. Not too many angle problems, just hide a little something about the square plexi coaster, and you don't want people seeing the bottom or inside of the gimmicked glass. In other words, beware rugrats sitting on the floor. I bought a second set since they were cheap, so I could have a second ungimmicked glass if needed, and so I could have a second matching (but also gimmicked) coaster to set the other glass on for some sort of magicians fuzzy logic. Beware liquid tricks to begin with, but this trick is fun for what it is and for the cheap price. Props are decently made.
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This is an amazing penetration of a glass full of milk or other liquid through a clear glass and a solid plate. The performer shows two clear empty glasses, and a clear plastic square. Glasses are placed one over the other with the square between them. Milk is now poured in the upper glass till it is almost full. The glasses are now covered for an instant. When the cover is removed, it is seen that the milk has penetrated from the glass on top, through the plastic plate, to the glass below.

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