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10 O'clock Show DVD Review

January 7th, 2005 6:50pm
Reviewed by Jonathan Rice
The 10'o cock show DVD suprised me. I know that most DVDs that Bob Kohler produces are gold and this is no exception. This surpases quality of any of his other DVDs and it also has some great routines. Let's take a look at them seperately.

The Hat

This routine is amazing, and even if you do not use it, the tips it gives you for handeling a filled shot glass. The metods for getting the glass under the hat are not new, but the routine is something your audiences will love.

Sense of Color

This routine is my persoanl favorite from the DVD. The half-died silk concpet has been around forever, but this is one of the few that really does make sense. The final load is wonderful, with the silk fountain. Again, even if you do not use the routine, the new affordable silk fountain concept is in my opinion worth the price of the DVD. Yes, I know all of you hear that line all too often. But it really is. The first silk fountain that works in a close up setting. I love this routine.

Matches Melt

For all that have seen the cig in coat routine, we all know it kills. However, Alexander makes a great point that smoking is almost considered politically incorect in the 21st century. This effect is the fix for that. I was surprised at how well it worked. IT also seems like there is much more danger to the coat when you are only using a match. Not a new method, but a new routine.

Jumping Jacks

Requires a gimmick with the cards, but otherwise, this routine is wuite amazing. It allows for audience interaction, and soem good jokes. The whole thing will astound your audience.


I really don't like this routine. Actually , I love the effect and I would perfrom it, but it ruins the deck for an effect that is not worth it.

Diving Fork

A great card effect. If you have ever wnated to perform a card stab use this. The best thing is that it does not ruin the card stabbed either. Magic at it's best.

A Short Story

THe last routine on the DVD and also one of the best. Using blank cards you get a great reaction. I like this much more than the common book test. It is fairly bold, but the misdirection given covers that.

Now for the final scores:

Production: 5 out of 5. Very professinal and easy navigation.

Effects: 4 out of 5 . ALL of the effects easy and fun to perform. Only one that ruins the deck.

Worth rating: 4 out of 5. This DVDs asking price is a little too much for what is worth.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

When you can, GO and buy it!
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Product info for 10 O'clock Show DVD

Author: Scott Alexander
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $34.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Who the hell is Scott Alexander? Why haven’t I heard of him? The answer is simple…he’s been working. Scott has been a top pro for many years and one of the busiest professionals in the world. His credits include Denny & Lee, Malone’s Bar in Boca, cruise ships all over the world, Caesar Magical Empire, and now he’s starring in his own show at Fitzgerald’s in Las Vegas.

His style is simple…comedy that goes right to the center of the audience’s brain. His choice of material is always professional, practical and easy to perform. His methods are easy so that he can spend his energy on entertaining but the effects are all blockbusters. The included routines come right from his working repertoire. They are not pipe dreams. Real workers that are easy to do. Soon everyone will know the name Scott Alexander!

Effects Included:

The Hat
Scott has taken an ancient bar bet and turned it into a closer. You’ll learn professional grade choreography, presentation and the absolute best methods for handling whiskey filled shot glasses. Unique, funny and astounding.

Sense Of Color
How many color changing silk routines have you witnessed that make any sense. Only one…Billy McCombs fabulous half-dyed silk routine. Now there are two. Scott’s routine is extremely easy with a blockbuster climax. Good for close up, parlor or stage. This one’s a workers dream.

Matches Melt
Now that the universe is “No Smoking” the Cigarette In Coat classic is obsolete. This is Scott’s practical solution. Brilliantly framed and yet other surprise finish. Easily worth the price of the DVD.

Jumping Jacks
Wow, a close up matrix style routine with kids jacks…jumping jacks! They do everything from transform to translocate in eye-popping new ways. Scott has developed a logical and extremely easy to do masterpiece that no longer requires coins!

This is a performance piece right out of Scott’s comedy mental cruise ship act. It plays big or small, no problem. It’s wacky, zany and right from Home Depot!

Diving Fork
If you do walk-a-round magic for money this routine will instantly go into your repertoire. It’s Scott’s terrific handling of the classic Card Stab.
It’s easy to do, but impossible to figure out.

A Short Story
This is off the wall. Scott has written a screenplay. But he’s stuck on the last word. The audience decides what the word should be. But they soon find out Scott decided on the same word! Hmmm…

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